It all begins with an idea. We want to hear them! Tell us what you are envisioning and we will work out a design. The designing process is the most important one as it is the bones of the rest of the build. During this process we will hammer out what your most important considerations are and make all the decisions from layout to appliances.

Step 1

Once we’ve decided all the nitty gritty we can begin building! Our builds typically take 3 months to ensure there is enough time to do it right. Designing and building a home on wheels involves a lot of decisions and can be overwhelming at times. We don’t want to rush this process or ourselves when building so the end product is exactly what was envisioned.

Step 2

During the actual build the client can choose to stay in town or go back to life as usual while we video chat any necessary updates or questions. We’ve enjoyed hosting clients in various ways before and are in the process of building out an airstream for just that purpose!




Do you provide the base vehicle or do I need to provide it?

We do not provide the base vehicle. You will need to provide us with the vehicle to begin your van conversion. We can help source and advise along the way.


This is hard to answer. Every van build is different and the number of components and customizations affects the turnaround time. The size of the van also influences the timeline. The average van conversion usually takes about 8-12 weeks.  

Do You do partial builds?

Yes! We would love to help you along your build however we can. Whether its a phase one build out or to just helping with finishes, we can help!

when can you get to my build?

We are currently looking at late Winter/Early Spring 2022/2023 for projects, but contact us to make sure as this can change quickly.

do you just do build vans?

Nope! We can look into any project you have in mind. Looking to build a tiny home on a trailer. Ok let's talk. Want your very own Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, cool me too! Whatever your vision, lets set up a time to talk! I would love to hear from you.